Fundamental Studies on Nano- and Micromagnetism

Micromagnetic simulations based on the Landau-Lifshitz equation provide a solid theoretical basis for the study of magnetization processes and patterns on the nanoscale. With such simulations we predicted the possibiliy to use spin waves for logic operations, and discovered several aspects of nanomagnetism, including the fastest micromagnetic switching process and the Spin-Cherenkov Effect.

Fundamental Studies on Nano- and Micromagnetism

Details of the shape of nanostructures can have a strong influence on the magnetization and its dynamic properties. The geometric flexibility of the finite-element method is crucial for accurate general-purpose micromagnetic simulations.

GPU-based Personal Supercomputing

Personal supercomputing with Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) is faster than the use of energy-thirsty supercomputing facilities, and it provides a larger data throughput. With efficient GPU-based codes one can now use desktop computers as an inexpensive and energy-aware alternative.

Our team pioneered in the use of GPUs for large micromagnetic computations in 2010. This allows us now to easily treat problems with several millions of degrees of freedom.