International Workshops and Conferences

  1. Multiscale Modelling of Bloch Point Dynamics in Magnetic Nanowires
    Magnetism 2016 (Institute of Physics)
    Sheffield, UK, 04.04-05.04.2016

  2. Ultrafast domain wall dynamics in magnetic nanotubes and nanowires
    22nd International Colloquium on Magnetic Films and Surfaces (ICMFS-2015)
    Cracow, Poland, 12.07.-15.07.2015

  3. Dynamics of Bloch points: Exploring uncharted territory in micromagnetism with multiscale simulations
    Workshop on Micromagnetics: Analysis and Applications
    Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Institute of Applied Mathematics
    Heidelberg, Germany 04.08.-05.08.2014

  4. GPU-Based Multiscale Simulations: Combining Atomistic Dynamics and Micromagnetism
    IEEE International Magnetics Conference (INTERMAG)
    Dresden, Germany, 04.05.-08.05.2014

  5. Multiscale Simulation of Bloch Point Dynamics
    Workshop on Current-Driven Magnetisation Dynamics
    Leeds, United Kingdom, 07.01.-09.01.2014

  6. The Spin-Cherenkov Effect and Ultrafast Domain Walls in Magnetic Nanotubes
    Joint IMPRS/SFB Workshop on Nanoscience and Technology
    Halle, Germany, 30.09.-02.10.2013

  7. Micromagnetism – Magnetization Structure and Dynamics in Nanostructures
    VIth European School on Multiferroics, EMF6
    Wittenberg, Germany, 21.-26.07.2013

  8. The Spin-Cherenkov Effect and Chiral Effects in Magnetic Nanotubes
    SIAM Conference of Mathematical Aspects of Material Science
    Philadelphia, USA, 09.-12.06.2013

  9. The Spin-Cherenkov Effect and Chiral Effects in Magnetic Nanotubes
    Workshop on Nonlinear PDEs in Micromagnetism: Analysis, Numerics and Applications
    Edinburgh, Scotland, 13.-15.05.2013

  10. The Spin-Cherenkov Effect and Chiral Effects in Magnetic Nanotubes
    International Workshop on Magnetic Nanowires and Nanotubes
    Kaub am Rhein, Germany, 12.-15.05.2013

  11. The Spin-Cherenkov effect and curvature-induced magnetic chirality
    526th Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Seminar on Functional Magnetic Nanomembranes
    Bad Honnef, Germany, 04.03.2013

  12. Ultrafast vortex dynamics in magnetic nanotubes - Introducing the Spin-Cherenkov effect (Semi-Plenary Talk)
    6th Joint European Magnetic Symposia – JEMS 2012
    Parma, Italy, 09.-14.09.2012

  13. Ultrafast vortex dynamics in nanotubes – Introducing the Spin-Cherenkov Effect
    Spin Dynamics in Nanomagnets
    Hoam Convention Center in Seoul National University
    Seoul, Korea, 15.-18.07.2012

  14. Simulation of ultrafast vortex dynamics in magnetic nanotubes: Cherenkov-type spin wave radiation and chiral symmetry breaking
    International Workshop on Advanced Micromagnetics
    UCSD, Centre of Magnetic Recording Research
    La Jolla (CA), USA, 21.-22.05.2012

  15. Exploring the limits of domain wall dynamics with GPU-based finite-element micromagnetics (Keynote Lecture)
    International Symposium on High-Performance Computing in Nano-Spintronics
    University of Hamburg Institute of Applied Physics
    Hamburg, Germany, 30.11.2011

  16. Domain wall dynamics beyond the Walker limit: Micromagnetic Simulations
    Workshop on Magnetization dynamics in the light of pulsed X-ray sources: From storage rings to X-FELs
    Synchrotron SOLEIL, Saint-Aubin, France, 28.- 29.06.2011

  17. Cherenkov-type spin wave emission and the magnonic speed limit of domain walls in Permalloy nanotubes
    8th International Symposium on Hysteresis Modeling and Micromagnetics
    Levico, Italy, 09-11.05.2011

  18. Large-Scale Micromagnetic Simulations with Hierarchical Matrices
    SIAM Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science (MS10)
    Doubletree Hotel, Philadelphia (PA), USA, 23.-26.05.2010

  19. Micromagnetic Modelling with the finite element method - Recent advances
    Workshop on Spin and Charge at the Nanoscale – 45 Years of Magnetism at the Simon Fraser University
    Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, 01.-04.08.2010

  20. Ultrafast Switching of Magnetic Vortex Cores – The role of the internal energy (Semi-Plenary Talk)
    DPG Spring Meeting of the Condensed Matter Section of the German Physical Society
    Regensburg, Germany, 24.03.2010

  21. Critical energy for vortex core switching processes
    3rd International Symposium on The Dynamics of Magnetic Vortices
    University of Hamburg, Germany, 29.11-02.12.2009

  22. Propagating spin waves in thin magnetic strips – micromagnetic simulations
    Magnonics2009 - International workshop on Magnonics: From Fundamentals to Applications
    Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems
    Dresden, Germany. 02.-09.08.2009

  23. Large-scale micromagnetic simulations with hierarchical matrices
    MAFELAP 2009 - The mathematics of finite elements and applications Symposium on New Trends in Micromagnetism
    Brunel Institute of Computational Mathematics, Brunel University, Uxbridge, England, 09-12.06.2009

  24. Micromagnetics of core reversal dynamics in magnetic vortices and antivortices
    Asian Magnetics Conference 2008
    Paradise Hotel, Busan, Korea. 11.12.2008

  25. Micromagnetics of resonant and non-resonant magnetic vortex core switching
    Second International Workshop on Vortex Dynamics in Confined Magnetic Thin Films
    Research Center for Spin Dynamics & Spin-Wave Devices
    Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, 08.12.2008

  26. Ultrafast dynamics of magnetic vortices
    PSI-XFEL Science Workshop on Nanoscale Magnetization Dynamics, Nationalfonds
    Bern, Switzerland, 05.06.2008 (talk had to be cancelled because of illness)

  27. Ultrafast dynamics of vortex cores - Understanding nanomagnetism from finite-element simulations
    2nd British-German Frontiers of Science Symposium (BRIGFOS)
    organized by the Royal Society and the Junge Akademie
    Potsdam, Germany, 13-16.05.2008

  28. Fast and ultrafast dynamics of magnetic vortices in confined structures
    SIAM Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science (MS08)
    Doubletree Hotel, Philadelphia (PA), USA, 11-14.05.2008

  29. Ultrafast switching of vortex cores by field and current pulses
    Dreikönigstreffen Magnetismus ’08, “New Concepts in Spin Dynamics”
    Bad Honnef, Germany, 09.01.2008

  30. Ultrafast Switching of Vortex Cores by Field and Current Pulses
    52nd Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Conference (MMM)
    Tampa (FL), USA, 07.11.2007

  31. Simulation of Spin-Transfer Torque Effects in patterned Nanomagnets
    Workshop on Spin-Current-Driven Magnetization Dynamics, organized by P. Grünberg and J. Slonczewski
    Jülich Research Center, Jülich, Germany, 23.04.2007

  32. Ultrafast magnetic switching of vortex cores
    8th Multimat Spring Meeting, Multi-scale modelling and characterization for phase transformations in advanced materials
    Marie Curie Training Research Network
    Prague, Czech Republic, 19.04.2007

  33. Dynamical micromagnetics of small elements - Combining experiments with simulations
    Workshop on Modern Problems of Spin Dynamics
    Strasbourg, France, 12.10.2006

  34. Numerical micromagnetics of particles with general geometries – Combining experiments with simulations
    Workshop on Micromagnetics: Experiments, Modeling and Mathematical Theory
    SFB611 Mathematical Department, University of Bonn, 4.-6.09.2006

  35. Finite-Element Modelling of Mesoscopic Magnetic Particles
    364th WE-Heraeus Seminar “Nanoscale Magnets – Top down meets Bottom up”
    Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany, 04.-06.01.2006

  36. Static and dynamic modeling of magnetic nanostructures - Combining experiments with simulations
    International Workshop on X-Ray Spectroscopy of Magnetic Solids (XRMS)
    Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen, Switzerland,18.-20.10.2005

  37. Propagating spin waves in magnetic strips and rings - A micromagnetic study on the interaction of spin waves with domain walls
    Workshop RTN Network DYNAMICS - Novel trends in magnetism: spin dynamics, spintronics etc.
    Corfu, Greece 04.10.2005

  38. Finite Element Modelling of Ferromagnetic Nanostructures
    AIMS’ Fifth Conference on Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations
    Pomona (CA), USA, 16.-19.06.2004

  39. Simulating ferromagnetic nanostructures with finite elements
    SIAM Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science (MS04)
    Los Angeles, USA, 23.-26.05.2004

  40. Spin wave meets domain wall
    321st WE Heraeus Seminar on Spin Dependent Transport and Magnetization Reversal in Magnetic Nanostructures
    Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany, 31.03-02.04.2004

  41. Solving micromagnetic problems with finite elements
    Annual Meeting of the Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik e.V. (GAMM)
    Technical University of Dresden, Germany 21.-27.03.2004

  42. Micromagnetic Modelling of magnetization processes on the nanosecond time scale
    Workshop on Magnetic Microstructures
    Max-Planck-Institute of Mathematics in Natural Sciences
    Leipzig, Germany, 09.-12.10.2001

  43. Micromagnetic modelling of magnetization reversal processes and domain structure dynamics
    Workshop on Ferromagnetic-Semiconductor Nanostructures
    Regensburg, Germany, 23-26.07.2001

  44. Modellierung magnetischer Prozesse und Strukturen in weichmagnetischen Teilchen (Semi-Plenary Talk)
    DPG Spring Meeting of the Condensed Matter Section of the German Physical Society
    Regensburg, Germany, 27-31.03.2000

  45. Finite element modelling of domain structures in soft magnetic particles
    Workshop on Magnetic Microstructures
    Max Planck Institute of Mathematics in Natural Sciences
    Leipzig, Germany, 13.10.1998